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There is a lot to do in Cochabamba, but it hasn't been discovered by the mainstream tourist yet. The green and vibrant city is called the Culinary Capital of Bolivia and has great affordable restaurants with foods from all around the world. There are some really cool bars we'd love to take you to.
Cochabambinos take pride in having the best climate and the biggest Christ statue (bigger than Rio!) in the world. We believe together we can make this city a number one tourist destination. There's plenty to do a short drive from the city. The tropical Villa Tunari for example, where you can explore the jungle. Or trekking and camping in the nearby mountains.
Our biggest tourist destination is Toro Toro, an amazingly beautiful national park not overrun by tourists. We also feature some of the best paragliding schools of South America and not to forget the biggest open air market on the continent, where you can walk around for hours to absorb the atmosphere and get great bargains on almost everything.
Our hostel has the best service, we are located one block from the Prado, a central area and very close to the bus terminal so you can organize your trips within this beautiful city that can offer you multiple destinations if you are a nature lover.


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